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Real Estate has been at the core of activity of Decisive Worldwide since the very beginning. Our real estate team are experienced in guiding our Clients through the legal process, offering the expertise required to see the deal through to a successful conclusion. We represent a variety of Clients, including developers, entrepreneurs, individuals, banks, investors, landlords, and tenants across commercial property transactions, development projects, and high value residential sales and purchases. We get deeply into each individual transaction and our advice focuses on finding pragmatic solutions to complex transactions with the overriding aim of doing everything possible to achieve the right result for our Clients.


Our team has been preparing c.a. 500 due diligence reports regarding plots, buildings, office, and residential premises in many prestigious locations in various parts of Poland.


Decisive Worldwide has successfully completed about 300 sale and purchase transactions, during which we led our Clients through all phases of projects – starting at comprehensive due diligence reports, to the closing of the commercialization processes.


What we do:


  • support of the process of obtaining administrative decisions: zoning decisions, building permits, use permits,

  • property acquisition: preparation of comprehensive due diligence reports,

  • preparation and negotiation of pre and transactional documents and agreements, etc.,

  • preparation and negotiation of sale-purchase agreements (preliminary agreements, conditional agreements, final agreements),

  • preparation and negotiation of agreements with architects, engineers and designers,

  • preparation and negotiation of construction management/construction works agreements and related documents with general constructors, constructors and subcontractors,

  • comprehensive legal services regarding the commercialization process: preparation and negotiation of reservation agreements, developer agreements, pre and final sales agreements, etc.,

  • comprehensive legal services regarding real estate disputes:

    • land use disputes,

    • contractual penalties,

    • compensations,

    • construction litigation and arbitration, including claims associated with defects, project delay and disruption, warranty disputes, and performance guarantees,

    • disputes involving design deficiencies, errors, and omission,

    • disputes arising out of default terminations,

    • historic structures and landmark property rights counseling,

  • lease transactions

Real estate

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