"Vladimir Horowitz once said that true art begins where virtuosity ends. Our perception of lawyer profession is very similar – great knowledge and experience is the absolute base, but it is the talent and charisma that makes the final difference."

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Real Estate has been at the core of activity of Decisive Worldwide since the very beginning.

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Właściciele & najemcy

As real estate in general, landlord & tenant advisory is one of the main focuses of our daily activity.

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Biznes & korporacje

We specialize in mostly representing entrepreneurs, medium and large-sized companies, investors, funds, owner-managed businesses (OMBs).

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Międzynarodowe usługi dla klientów

One of our hallmarks is being WORLDWIDE. That is why our daily activity is necessarily connected with providing legal services for foreign companies and entities operating or planning to operate on the Polish market or that of our cooperating offices’ markets.

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We represent Clients (business and individual) across numerous sectors, such as real estate, corporate, labor law and employment, enforcement, personal and intellectual rights, criminal cases, etc.

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Administrative Law, Enforcement, Labor & Employment, IP & Data Protection

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