We represent Clients (business and individual) across numerous sectors, such as real estate, corporate, labor law and employment, enforcement, personal and intellectual rights, criminal cases, etc. Furthermore, through our international connections we represent global businesses on litigation, arbitration and mediation matters. Our attorneys conduct litigation cases before courts of all instances.


What we do:


  • Arbitrations and mediations (real estate disputes, commercial, employment, etc.),

  • Real estate litigation:

    • land use disputes,

    • contractual penalties,

    • compensations,

    • construction litigation and arbitration, including claims associated with defects, project delay and disruption, warranty disputes, and performance guaranteess,

    • disputes involving design deficiencies, errors, and omission,

    • disputes arising out of default terminations,

    • historic structures and landmark property rights counseling,

    • easement,

    • perpetual usufruct fee disputes,

    • CAM disputes,

    • service charges billing,

    • lease termination,

    • correctness/quality/completeness of fit-out works,

    • defects of lease premises,

    • compliance of lease premises with the agreed purpose,

    • condition of premises as of the date of expiration of the agreement,

    • claims for the decrease of rent for a lease or termination of the lease agreement due to defects of lease premises;

  • Employment litigation:

    • termination of the employment contract,

    • prosecution and defense of claims regarding trade secrets and non-compete, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements,

    • unfair or inconsistent treatment disputes;

  • Intellectual property litigation:

    • trademark, copyright, and advertising litigation,

    • trade secret litigation,

    • patent litigation,

    • contractual and licensing disputes;

  • Commercial litigation:

    • contract disputes,

    • competition disputes,

    • corporate and M&A disputes,

    • insurance issues,

    • shareholders disputes,

    • hostile actions disputes,

    • winding-up procedures;

  • Administrative disputes:

    • proceedings before administrative bodies,

    • appeals against administrative decisions,

    • Self-Government Board disputes,

    • administrative court complaints,

  • Other:

    • criminal cases,

    • enforcement,

    • individual client matters.


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